Congratulations to our lab memmbers for an outstanding showing at this year’s Ubicomp/ISWC conference!

  1. “Reinforcement Learning Based Online Active Learning for Human Activity Recognition” Yulai Cui, Shruthi Hiremath, Thomas Ploetz

  2. “A Personalized Approach for Developing a Snacking Detection System using Earbuds in a Semi-Naturalistic Setting” Mehrab Bin Morshed, Harish Haresamudram, Dheeraj Bandaru, Gregory Abowd, Thomas Ploetz

  3. “Clustering of Human Activities from Wearables by Adopting Nearest Neighbors” Abrar Ahmed, Harish Haresamudram, Thomas Ploetz

  4. “Bootstrapping Human Activity Recognition Systems for Smart Homes from Scratch” Shruthi Hiremath, Yasutaka Nishimura, Sonia Chernova, Thomas Ploetz

  5. “On the Effectiveness of Virtual IMU Data for Eating Detection with Wrist Sensors” Yash Jain, Hyeokhyen Kwon, Thomas Ploetz

  6. “Reading the Room – Automated, Momentary Assessment of Student Engagement in the Classroom: Are We There Yet?” Betsy DiSalvo, Dheeraj Bandaru, Quasi Wang, Hong Li, Thomas Ploetz

  7. “Assessing the State of Self-Supervised Human Activity Recognition Using Wearables ” Harish Haresamudram, Irfan Essa, Thomas Ploetz

  8. IMWUT / Ubicomp 2022 “ColloSSL: Collaborative Self-Supervised Learning for Human Activity Recognition” Yash Jain, Chi Ian Tang, Chulhong Min, Fahim Kawsar, Akhil Mathur

  9. IMWUT / Ubicomp “Ubi-SleepNet: Advanced Multimodal Fusion Techniques for Three-stage Sleep Classification Using Ubiquitous Sensing” Bing Zhai, Yu Guan, Michael Catt, Thomas Ploetz